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Casino Table and Draw Barrel Rentals


Casino Tables & Draw Barrel 

The Kelowna Kinsmen have long had Black Jack casino tables and 2 Wheel of Fortune Wheels to rent our for special corporate events, Dry Grads and backyard parties.

Depending on our volunteer availability and quantities, we occasionally will supply dealers for events, but most clients provide their own and use their own funny money.

Casinos are for fun only and do not use real cash, and often various prizes (supplied by the client) are auctioned off to players with winnings after the tables close for the night.

NOTE: We currently are looking at refurbishing our tables and draw barrel and are not listed for rent.  If you have an upcoming event, please contact us through the contact form on our contact page and provide us details of your event.

We are a community minded Service Club.

Our fundraising efforts are put directly back into the community in meaningful ways.

We are a co-ed group, organizing fun, creative fundraising projects to learn new skills, make new friends and have a say in how we give back to our community.  

New members always welcome.

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