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This is registration for 2 people.  NO individual registration, must register AS A TEAM.
Double format requires two team members.  Maximum 20 teams in this division.

Team Registration is $120/team for this division ($60/player)

Min Prize Payouts: 1st: $300/player 2nd: $200/player 3rd: $120/player

The Advanced Division is for expereinced, competitive players wanting a competitive day and higher prize payouts.

4 Round Robin Games + Double Knock-Out in the Finals.


SKU: AdvancedDIV
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  • This is a charitable fundraising event.  No Refunds or Returns.  Please notify the organizer if you are not able to attend.  We will try to fill your spot with any waitlisters.  A possible partial refund may be possible after the event.  Thank you for your cooperation and please try to send someone in your place.

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